ADCOR A-556 ELITE™ - The Gas Piston Rifle Perfected

New Perspective: A new rifle design combining precision machining expertise and design innovation.

Although Adcor Industries has been in business as a national defense supplier for over 20 years, Adcor Defense is new to the firearms business. We recognize we have something to prove. Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes and a new perspective from someone who is looking strictly at the mechanics and the workings of the “machine”, rather than what has commonly been done before. We invite you to examine the ADCOR ELITE™. We are certain you will find our enhancements to your liking. The ADCOR ELITE™ is not a “new and improved” version of an AR. It is truly different. All parts are made in the U.S.A., and major components are built and assembled in Adcor Defense’s Baltimore factory by American workers.

Patented Revolutionary Gas Piston System
(Patent # 8,210,089)

  • A gas-driven piston incorporated into the upper half of the forward rail system never touches the barrel and, therefore, allows a free-floating barrel and increased accuracy.
  • Carrier tilt is completely eliminated because the operating rod is connected to the bolt carrier and rides through a machined boss in the upper receiver and rail system.
  • The lower half of the rail system detaches easily without special tools for quick cleaning and easy maintenance.
  • The piston’s cyclic rate is easily adjusted by the operator for a controlled rate of fire, thus minimizing wear on critical parts.
  • The precision machined tolerances of the piston eliminates the need for rings.

Patented Port Dust Wiper with Cover
(Patent # 8,393,103)

  • The ADCOR ELITE™ has a spring-loaded dust shield mounted on the bolt carrier. Upon firing, the bolt carrier returns to ready position. The dust cover moves into the ejection port opening flush with the inside geometry of the upper receiver preventing entry of dust, sand, or debris.
  • The highly durable, self-lubricating polymer shield withstands extreme temperature.

Patented Non-Reciprocating Ambidextrous Forward Charging Handle
(Patent # 8,156,854)

  • The creative design of the ADCOR ELITE™ allows the operator to keep his or her strong hand on the firearm and use the other hand to clear the rifle.
  • Ambidextrous charging handle detaches easily without special tools and returns to locked position once used. It folds forward, recessed, and easily swings back in a single motion.
  • Handle is non-reciprocating and only engages when the operator charges or clears.

Patented Rail System
(Patent # 8,141,285)

  • Innovative, key locked, highly rigid rail system mounts seamlessly to the upper receiver. This ensures proper alignment of the rail with a redesigned boss, spline and groove system.
  • Upper and lower rail guards separate with the push of a button; no special tools necessary.
  • Fully compatible with optical, image intensification or thermal sights; laser targeting systems; bipods; tactical lights and Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES).