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  • Adcor and the Demise of the Carbine Competition

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  • Adcor Defense Selected for Phase II of ICC


    May 3, 2012


    BALTIMORE, MD – The Army has chosen the ADCOR Defense Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle (B.E.A.R. ™; Patent # 065111.00128) to proceed to Phase II of the Individual Carbine competition, the company announced today. This development places ADCOR Defense within the elite class of small arms manufacturers in the U.S., a feat it has come to deserve through its tireless effort and repeated outstanding performance.

    “ADCOR Defense is extremely pleased with the Army’s decision,” said Jimmy Stavrakis, president of ADCOR Defense. “We are confident that the B.E.A.R.™ will significantly improve the reliability, accuracy, and lethality of the existing soldier weapon.”

    The Army has been seeking a replacement for its outdated M4 Carbine, and its movement into Phase II of the competition places the soldier one step closer to this improved technology. “Our soldiers deserve the highest quality equipment that modern technology can provide,” Stavrakis added, “and the B.E.A.R.™ will provide just that.”

    ADCOR Defense’s B.E.A.R.™ features a revolutionary gas piston system, an exclusive ejection port dust wiper with cover, an ambidextrous forward placed charging handle, and an innovative key-locked, highly rigid rail system. The B.E.A.R.™ also eliminates the most common type of weapon failure in today’s combat environment — jamming in dusty, sandy conditions — with its inventive design.

    ADCOR Defense announced it would enter the B.E.A.R.™ into the Individual Carbine competition in May of 2011. To determine which applicants should be advanced from Phase I into Phase II, the military Source Selection Authority evaluated each weapon’s hardwire attributes, each manufacturer’s production capability and each cost/price proposal. ADCOR Defense’s patents for the B.E.A.R.™ were granted last year.

    About ADCOR Defense, Inc.

    ADCOR Defense, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adcor Industries, Inc. located in Baltimore, Maryland. From its origins in providing high-speed machining services to a broad range of industries including aerospace, telecommunications, defense and other industrial enterprises, ADCOR Industries has evolved into a value-added product integrator and manufacturer of its own unique product line.

    Today, ADCOR Industries’ facilities include a 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Commercial Manufacturing plant, with over 50 machine tool centers, a 14,000 square foot warehouse distribution and fulfillment facility and 7,500 square feet of modern office space.



    Erin Lassen
    Adcor Defense, Inc.
    410-507-4309 cell

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  • H.P. White

    To confirm its belief that it had built a superior firearm, Adcor Defense tasked H.P. White Laboratory to performance test the B.E.A.R.™

    H.P. White Laboratory is known as the leading small arms and ammunition research, development and testing laboratory in the U.S. It numbers among its clients, many branches of the U.S. military, the National Rifle Association (NRA), several firearms manufacturers and ammunition companies as well as global firms such as Caterpillar, GE Plastics, Chrysler Corporation, Goodyear Aerospace, Monsanto Chemical Co. and others.

    The testing was done in conformance with portions of the First Article Test Matrix, Carbine, 5.56mm, M4 type derived from MIL-C-71186 (AR).


    • In the function and casualty testing (6,000 rounds): Zero failures or stoppages.
    • In the dispersion testing, using a B.E.A.R.™ with a 14.5” barrel, groupings were .88” at 100 yards.
    • Adverse environment testing: Buried in sand then fired with no malfunctions. Completely submerged in water then fired with no malfunctions.


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